Throwback Thursday for PILLOWS!  Here’s a bunch of monster pillows I’ve made in the past.
I’m not usually one for decorative pillows, but if they’re monsters sign me up.


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@noodlesandbeef gifted me a pair of my very own custom flags during our recent visit. I finally got some time yesterday to let them fly. They move and look so good when I spin them. I love it.

I may know how to poi but those skills don’t all work for flagging. Time to put in some practice so I can join the flaggers on stage at the next dance event we attend.

You were a natural in ptown. Watching you flag is so fun, giving you a pair is the least I could do.

I look forward to flagging with you on stage at my wedding. So, no pressure, just a thousand people will be there.

step 1: be straight
failed step 1